"In seventy years the one surviving fragment of my knowledge, the only indisputable poor particle of certainty in my entire life, is that in a public house lavatory incoming traffic has the right of way. It isn't much to take with one, is it?"

Taney Drama SocietyAmateur Drama in South Dublin

Set in Dublin in 1968 (and times remembered), "Da" is a rich exploration of the complex relationships that stem from one "comfortable" corporation cottage. It navigates truthfully through the tangled web of feelings – guilt, anger, love – woven throughout Charlie's life. 

True to life, Da is composed of moments of comedy and despair, which can turn on a sixpence. 

"Da" by High Leonard

Taney Drama Society are now in the final weeks of rehearsal for their upcoming production of “Da” by Hugh Leonard, on 18th, 19th and 20th of May, in the Sinnamon Hall in Taney Parish Centre.
Come along with family and friends to see your old friends in this great production of a Dublin classic.
Your local Drama Society needs you.
Teas, wine and fantastic raffle each evening also.
So please don't hesitate, book your tickets at the Parish Office on 01–298–5491 or reserve on 086–606–6637.

Join us- there's plenty of tea in the pot!